Scissored Vixen

Scissored Vixen is my line of uniquely modified tees! 

All designs are "no-sew" - I use only cutting, tying and weaving techniques to create
a fabulous and flattering fit - even from boxy men's tees. 
Stop relegating those awesome tees to house-cleaning and sleepwear and let me make them
awesome for you - customization pricing is very reasonable.
My shirt designs are durable and may even be machine-washed safely
when contained in a mesh laundry bag!
I sometimes take my Scissored Vixen line to the extreme,
creating more dramatic "couture" pieces!

What a fun project this was!

My client and her groom were planning a surprise wedding at her annual family holiday party,
so we had to keep this on the DL for months, but the results were fabulous!
And she has a great dress that can be worn for other special occasions,
without looking like she’s getting married again.


Here’s a closer look at that “Forest Fairy” wedding dress…

I broke my own “no-sew” rule with this one,
and plan on breaking it more in the future since I have a great sewing machine now!
With colors inspired by her unicorn slippers, the unconventional bride
wanted a comfy, unique dress with two different looks – one for the ceremony and one for partying,
so here’s what I came up with…
This “dress” is actually two separate pieces – each could be worn with other garments if desired.  For the ceremony look, the top has orange crystal flowers on the straps and a bustle featuring a silk flower garden.  In party mode, the crystal buttons are changed to pretty purple painted flowers and the bustle is easily detached.  Without the buttons and bustle, both the top and bottom are cared for as you would any of my modified tees – machine wash in a mesh garment bag and tumble or air dry!
A shirt I made for local singer-songwriter-performer, April Anne.

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Because I need a new shirt once in a while too!